Smart Bandages

Picture of 4-year old girl wearing a Smart Eye Patch

BioKey Engineering's Smart Bandages are light, comfortable, wearable electronic devices that collect, analyze and report medical or health-related information. The information they collect is specific to the type of Smart Bandage. In most cases they significantly reduce the cost or difficulty of obtaining this information. In many cases, they get information that cannot be obtained any other way.

Smart Bandages were invented by the founders of BioKey Engineering.[1][2][3]

BioKey Engineering aims that its Smart Bandages be simple to use, and attractive. Users do improve our designs. The four-year old girl in this photograph did so with her sticker of St. Nick on her Smart Eye Patch.

This girl's Smart Bandage is a Smart Eye Patch. It is collecting information that helps her, her parents and her doctor in treating her amblyopia. For further information on Smart Bandages, go to the Devices page.

Health Information Systems

Data from a Smart Bandage diplayed on a scrolling calendar so that you can easily see patterns of significant events.

Smart Bandages collect digital data and begin transforming that data into useful information. Readout of information from Smart Bandages is primarily electronic, through one or more computers, to:

The calendar image shown here displays information collected by the patch like that in the top image. For further information on Health Information Systems, go to the Information Systems page.

Smart Bandages, working through Health Information Systems, improve the collection and analysis of health data. They are becoming an essential component of effective and efficient health care.

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