Health Information Systems

Data from a Smart Bandage diplayed on a scrolling calendar so that you can easily see patterns of significant events.

Health Information Systems:

BioKey Engineering provides products and services relating to Smart Bandages and Health Information Systems. These services include both direct provision of such products and services, as well as product development, consultation and engineering services in the area of Smart Bandages and Health Information Systems. If you are interested in any of these products or services, please contact us.

The image shown here is a simple example of one type of information and display from Smart Bandages. This picture is a low-resolution copy of the original output display from one child's Smart Eye Patch. The original contains more detail and is interactive. Those features are available only if you have logged in to the system through a "Patients" or "Doctors" page of this site or of the stand-alone user interface.

The background context for data in this image is an innovative calendar, in which each day is shown as a complete row of the graph. The original data display is accurate to one minute. The days can be scrolled up or down, forming a perpetual calendar, making visible nearly a month of of information with one-minute resolution.

This display enables the reader to see at a glance patterns in the data. For example, you can see immediately that the device has been used only during a normal waking daytime, mostly in the afternoon, that it has usually been used for up to four hours at a stretch, and that the wearing periods have generally increased with time. A more detailed reading yields further information.